Erika Sawajiri headed for a divorce?

On Sunday night, the Fuji TV show “Mr. Sunday” broke the news that actress Erika Sawajiri (24) appears to be headed for a divorce. Since then, the media has been scrambling to verify the story. Although Sawajiri has yet to make an official statement and has been avoiding the press, it seems that the news is true.

Sawajiri got married to media creator Tsuyoshi Takashiro (45) in January 2009, though their relationship started back in 2007. There have been plenty of rumors about the two getting divorced, but it appears that Sawajiri became serious about it in September 2009, around the time that she was dismissed by her former agency, Stardust Promotion.

Sources say that since her dismissal, Sawajiri has, on at least three occasions, informed people around her of her decision to split from Takashiro. It is not clear yet what her reasons are, though there is some speculation that it may involve financial troubles.

Meanwhile, Sawajiri is still making progress in her return to show business. She and Takashiro launched their own private management office in early May, based in Spain. However, with this divorce, she plans to find new management, and she has apparently been in talks with Avex president Max Matsuura (45) to negotiate a contract with Avex’s management office. Avex confirmed that contract negotiations are under way, with plans to have Sawajiri make her acting comeback in a BeeTV drama series. The company could not provide further details at the moment, nor did it have any comment on the divorce rumor.

The report aired during “Mr. Sunday” seems to have taken many by surprise, including Takashiro himself. Commenting on the matter, he indicated that the news was a big shock to him, as talk of divorce has not come up before in his conversations with Sawajiri. When he was interviewed on Monday, he said that he had been unable to reach Sawajiri ever since the broadcast of “Mr. Sunday.”

Before “Mr. Sunday,” Sawajiri had been reached for comment regarding the divorce, but she had simply stated that she couldn’t talk at the time and requested that the inquiry be made at a later date.

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