Eriko Sato to star in Bonnie Pink short movie

Singer-songwriter BONNIE PINK (37) is celebrating the 15th anniversary of her debut this year, so she is teaming up with five famous video directors for a short movie titled "Furarera."

The movie’s theme is the experience of being rejected/dumped ("furareru"). It will tell the story of one woman at five different ages (19, 23, 28, 30, 40), played by Eriko Sato (28). She and BONNIE PINK are said to have become good friends since they went drinking together at a bar two years ago. Sato’s supporting cast will include Shingo Tsurumi (45) and Bananaman’s Yuki Himura (38).

The five directors involved are Tetsuro Takeuchi, Mitsuo Shindo, Ryoichi Mori, Michihiko Yanai, and Kensaku Kakimoto, whom she all met during her 15-year career. Each will handle one segment of the movie, from 15 to 20 minutes in length.

Naturally, the movie will use BONNIE PINK’s music. The theme song will be her upcoming single "Kite" (on sale Spetember 22), which also appears on her new album "Dear Diary" (October 6). A few other songs will be inserted throughout the film, including "A Perfect Sky."

"Furarera" will be made available for a limited time through a special website, starting on October 6.

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