Fujiwara Tatsuya to play lead in “Okaeri, Hayabusa” 3D Movie

The lead has finally been revealed for “Okaeri, Hayabusa,” the 3D movie that Shochiku announced earlier this year about the space probe Hayabusa. Fujiwara Tatsuya (29) will headline the cast as an inexperienced JAXA engineer named Ohashi Kento, supported by a cast that includes Anne (25) and Miura Tomokazu (59).

Miura will play Kento’s father Isao, the project leader for an earlier failed space probe mission known as Nozomi. Anne plays Nomura Naoko, a budding scientist who is strongly persuaded by Isao’s speeches into studying space. The story will revolve around these three characters and their connections over the 7-year Hayabusa mission.

“Okaeri, Hayabusa” is scheduled for theatrical release in March 2012.

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