Japan’s period drama ‘Mito Komon’ ending after 40-years of TV history

Popular Japanese period drama television series "Mito Komon" will cease airing after four decades upon conclusion of the current series this December, according to its broadcaster Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Inc.

The program, which began airing in 1969, is currently in its 43rd season. It has featured fictional stories centered on historical figure Tokugawa Mitsukuni, a retired lord of Mito (in present-day Ibaraki Pref.), who fights wrongdoing while masquerading as a commoner. Episodes always end with Mitsukuni revealing his identity to the evildoer by having one of his two servants show them an "inro," a small box bearing the symbol of the Tokugawa clan.

According to a survey by Video Research Ltd., viewer ratings have recently remained low at around 10 percent, despite once topping a whopping 40 percent in the past.

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