Ken Watanabe in New Japanese Drama Series

Ken Watanabe (52) will be portraying former prime minister of Japan, Yoshida Shigeru, in a NHK drama series titled “Makete, Katsu~Sengo wo Tsukutta Otoko • Yoshida Shigeru~ (Victory after Defeat ~ The man who created post-war Japan, Yoshida Shigeru~)“, which will air at 9 PM every Saturday from September 8th and onwards.

Tanihara Shosuke (40) will act as Shirasu Jiro, a close associate of former Prime Minister Yoshida and a negotiator for the General Headquarters of the Supreme Commander (GHQ), who’s often called a “difficult Japanese” by GHQ. Matsuyuki Yasuko (39) is cast as Yoshida’s second wife, a former geisha, and Tanaka Kei (28) will be playing Yoshida’s eldest son, Yoshida Kenichi who’s an English literature scholar.

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