Leah Dizon Announces Comeback on Facebook

Leah Dizon, who left the entertainment industry in 2010 after divorcing her former husband, has announced through her official blog that she will be making a return to the industry.

The talent has signed a contract with an agency in New York City to become an actress and talent in the United States. She will also be accepting offers from Japan if she receives any. She wrote on her blog, her first entry in over a year…

"Everyone, knock knock… Anybody home? Today!!!! It’s really been awhile! This is big peach, Leah Dizon! How have you been? I resumed my activities in New York!"

Leah Dizon made a huge impression in Japan in 2006 as a model, rising further into stardom in 2007 when she started her music career. At the height of her career, the singer surprised fans with the announcement that she was getting married and having a child.

After giving birth in 2009, Leah focused on acting, but a troubled marriage hampered her efforts. The two divorce in December of 2010. Dizon returned to the US to study acting and has been off the radar ever since until her comeback announcement.

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