Mikami Kensei and Nonami Maho Married and Expecting

It’s been announced that actress Nonami Maho (32) and actor Mikami Kensei (28) who have been rumored to be in a  relationship, have gotten married.

According to the announcement, Nonami is pregnant, and the couple have already registered their marriage officially in early December. They have not decided regarding on the wedding ceremony and reception party, and are currently looking for a new place to move in.

The couple started dating after meeting each other through an acquaintance back in 2010. On their impressions of one another, Nonami commented, “We had common interests and similar values, and moreover, I was attracted to his faithful and kind personality. Thus I was dating him while thinking about our future,” while Mikami shared, “I was attracted to her honest personality, and she has become an important person whom I am affected by in many aspects, and someone I can reach mutual understanding with.”

Regarding the pregnancy, Nonami commented, “Everyday, I’m feeling the joy of becoming a mother, and the happiness that I will be able to have a family with somebody I love from the bottom of my heart, as my eyes become flooded with tears of happiness. Though we still have immature sides to ourselves, we will be happy if you watch over us with your big heart.” Mikami also commented, “Now that we have been blessed with a child, I feel both joy and the responsibility of becoming a father. I will try harder to create a thoughtful family while trying my best on work as well.”

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