Model Iriyama Noriko to play two characters in new TV role

Fashion model Iriyama Noriko (25) will soon tackle her first starring role in a television series. She will play not just one, but two, characters in the Tokai TV-produced “Kiri ni Sumu Akuma,” scheduled to air in Fuji TV’s weekday afternoon time slot (1:30pm).

Iriyama has had many supporting roles, such as in the drama series “Haken no Hinkaku” and the recent film “SP The Movie: Yabou-hen.” However, this drama promises to be her biggest challenge so far as an actress.

The story is inspired by the novel “The Woman in White,” written in the 1800s by English author Wilkie Collins. Iriyama plays Kei, a woman who inherits a vast fortune from her deceased father. She receives a letter from a mysterious woman dressed in white whose face resembles her own, warning her that the man she is about to marry is a devil. As Kei tries to track down the woman, she uncovers some of the mystery and intrigue surrounding her family, and her eventual meeting with the woman completely changes her fate.

Other characters include Kyo Nobuo (31) as a poor young man who falls in love with Kei, Kyono Kotomi (32) as Kei’s older stepsister who has a complicated relationship with her, Totsugi Shigeyuki (37) as Kei’s fiance, Nakada Yoshiko (57) as a social elite, and Enoki Takaaki (55) as Kei’s uncle.

Fuji TV will broadcast the 65 episodes over 13 weeks, starting on April 4.

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