Model Kiritani Mirei sings for new movies “Ranhansha” and “Snowflake”

Fashion model and actress Kiritani Mirei (21) will be in charge of the theme songs for the double feature film “Ranhansha / Snowflake,” it has been learned. This will be her singing debut, and she will perform the songs live for the first time on February 27 at the Girls Festival 2011 event at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall.

Directed by Taniguchi Masaaki, the two films star Kiritani in separate roles. In “Ranhansha,” she plays a talented young poet in high school who has never known true love. In “Snowflake,” she plays a junior college student who encounters a young man resembling her dead childhood friend.

“Ranhansha / Snowflake” is scheduled to open in theaters this summer. The titles of the two theme songs and their CD release date have not yet been announced.

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