Nintama Rantaro to be live-action film

The long-running anime series “Nintama Rantaro” is being adapted as a live-action film, directed by Takashi Miike. This will be the first lead role for child actor Seishiro Kato (8), who plays the titular young ninja.

“Nintama Rantaro” is based on the gag manga “Rakudai Ninja Rantaro” by Soubee Amako. Set during the Sengoku era, the story follows the adventures of a young boy named Rantaro, who is born into a ninja family. He enrolls in the elite ninja school Ninjutsu Gakuen, where the young apprentices are known as “nintamas” (derived from “ninja” and “tamago”).

Although Miike was once best known for ultra-violent films such as “Ichi the Killer,” he has also directed more mainstream hits such as the spaghetti western “Sukiyaki Western Django” and the live-action “Yatterman” movie.

The anime has been on the air since 1993. An animated film was released in 1996. No release date has been announced yet for the live-action film.

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