Perfume included on “Cars 2″ soundtrack

Perfume’s hit song “Polyrhythm” will make its world debut this summer. The song will be used in all versions of Disney and Pixar’s upcoming movie “Cars 2,” the sequel to the 2006 animated film “Cars.” In addition, “Polyrhythm” will also be included on the movie’s CD soundtrack that will be released worldwide in June.

Like the first movie, “Cars 2″ features anthropomorphic cars in a story revolving around racing. “Polyrhythm” will play during a scene at a party the night before the World Grand Prix race in Japan.

The movie’s staff had been searching for music by a Japanese artist to use in that scene, and a Perfume fan on staff suggested the song to director John Lasseter. When they tried it out alongside the neon signs and other bright visuals in the scene, they found the cute pop tune to be a perfect match.

“Cars 2″ opens in the United States on June 24. In Japan, it will hit theaters on July 30.

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