REGZA — 3D without the Glasses Takes the Prize at CEATEC

During CEATEC JAPAN, held October 5-7, the judges visited booths in Makuhari Messe and discussed and decided 8 category-specific prizes and one grand-prix finalist, as well as a special Smart Grid /Green IT award. Mr. Michael Kanellos, chairman of the judging team, said at ceremony, “The winners of each prize show an outstanding and long history of Japanese electronics industries, so it was very difficult to select each prize. Toshiba’s Glasses-less 3D REGZA is, among many strong competitors, the most valuable for consumers, because it is not only innovative, but has excellent image quality, high performance, a user friendly interface, beautiful cosmetic design and is overall a totally sophisticated product. The judges were unanimous in their decision to award this prize. Other very competitive products and technologies, such as Panasonic’s 3D lens for digital camera and TDK’s see-through OLED display are very innovative and valuable for consumer, and it was a very difficult decision to decide amongst so many choices, but the REGZA ran away with the prize this year.”

Wrapping up the presentation, Mr. Kanellos said, “We enjoyed and thank the Japanese electronics industries for the many technical innovations and cool products we have seen at CEATEC 2010. We again expect even more innovative and cool technologies at CEATEC 2011.”

CEATEC 2010 Innovation Awards “as selected by US journalist” prizes are as follows:


Toshiba Corporation; Glasses-less 3D REGZA GL-1 series

Special Award/Smart Grid/Green IT:

Panasonic Corporation; Smart energy gateway/energy efficient plan

Home Entertainment:

Toshiba Corporation; Glasses-less 3D REGZA GL-1 series


YAMAHA Corporation; InfoSound


TDK Corporation; OLED see-through display

Cellular and mobile technology:

KDDI Corporation; Social media viewing

Digital Contents/Software:

Simplex Co., Ltd.; Calcing Professional

Digital Imaging:

Panasonic Corporation; 3D lenses for digital camera


Alps Electric Co., Ltd.; Overhead module

Human Health and Household:

Fujitsu Corporation; Biosensor technology utilizing DNA


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