Ring’s Sadako goes 3D in new horror film

On Tuesday, Kadokawa Pictures announced its upcoming lineup at an event held at the company’s newly opening theater in Yurakucho, Tokyo. Out of the newly revealed movies, one that garnered a lot of attention is the the tentatively titled "Sadako 3D," featuring the famous character from the "Ring" horror series.

"Ring" was a big hit in Japan, spawning multiple films and television series. The first film in particular, released in 1998, was largely responsible for the revival of interest in Japanese horror films overseas, leading to remakes in the United States and South Korea.

Sadako, identified by her long black hair covering her face, has become an iconic character in the Japanese horror genre. Koji Suzuki, the author of the original "Ring" novel series, indicated that the new 3D film will include a scene of Sadako coming out of a television set, similar to the original.

Suzuki wrote a completely new story for the movie. The director and the cast have not yet been revealed, but Kadokawa stated that the film is planned for release in 2012.

Another highlight of Kadokawa’s lineup announcement event was Production I.G’s "Momo e no Tegami," which has reportedly been seven years in the making, with Hiroyuki Okiura ("Jin-Roh") writing, storyboarding, and directing. Okiura is joined by other top animation talent on the project, which is scheduled for 2012.

Other announced films included an animated adaptation of Su Minazuki’s manga "Sora no Otoshimono" (early summer), the "Strike Witches" anime movie (2012), an adaptation of Yukito Ayatsuji’s novel "Another" (2012), and a new film tentatively called "Kitsutsuki to Ame" (2012) by director Shuichi Okita ("Nankyoku Ryourinin").

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