Shido Nakamura confirms he is in serious relationship

Actor Shido Nakamura (38) could be headed for another marriage. This week’s issue of FRIDAY reports that he is dating a 27-year-old office worker, and the two were photographed buying a ring. Nakamura personally confirmed in front of reporters last night that he is dating, and the tone of his statements seemed to indicate that the relationship is serious.

Nakamura and actress Yuko Takeuchi (30) married in 2005 and had a child together, but they divorced in 2008.

According to FRIDAY, Nakamura’s girlfriend was a reader model in several fashion magazines during her time at Waseda University, but after graduation she began working as an accessory brand manager at a company that runs a popular select shop. She and Nakamura seem to currently be living together at Nakamura’s apartment in Kanagawa. One source close to Nakamura says that the two were introduced to each other by a friend at a party last summer.

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