“Space Battleship Yamato” rakes in nearly 1 billion in first 5 days

Film distributor Toho has announced the box office results for the live-action "Space Battleship Yamato" movie, which opened on 440 screens in Japan last week. Over the 5-day period between its opening on December 1 (Wednesday) and December 5 (Sunday), the film earned a total of 943,995,550 yen from 791,012 viewers.

Based on a survey administered by computer and mobile phone, Toho also announced some statistics about the viewing demographic. The audience was approximately 52% male and 48% female. The bulk of the viewers (44.4%) were in their 40s, with the next largest age groups being the 30s (19.0%), 50s (15.1%), and 20s (12.9%). As for occupation, 54.5% said they were company employees, while 16.3% were housewives.

The survey also asked viewers about their reasons for watching the movie. At 31.9%, the most common response was that they wanted to see a live-action version of "Yamato." 21.7% said they watched it because they liked the original "Yamato" anime series, and 15.8% said they went because it starred SMAP’s Takuya Kimura. 5.3% replied that they watched it because the special effects seemed amazing.

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