“Switch wo Osu Toki” to be Movie

Actor Koide Keisuke (27) and model/actress Mizusawa Erena (19) have been cast as the leads in a movie version of “Switch wo Osu Toki,” scheduled for release on September 17. This will be the first starring movie role for Mizusawa, who got her acting break in the 2008 television drama “Koizora.”

“Switch wo Osu Toki” is based on a novel by Yamada Yusuke (“Avatar,” “Real Onigokko”). It was previously adapted as a television drama starring Narimiya Hiroki and as a stage play starring Nagayama Takashi.

The story revolves around a government-sponsored project aimed at determining the causes of suicide. 10 young boys and girls are held in captivity and pushed to their limits, with the option of pressing a “switch” that would result in their own death. After 7 years, only 6 of them, including a girl named Masami (Mizusawa), have retained their will to live. However, a mysterious man named Minami (Koide) is newly assigned as one of the observers on the project, and he becomes another obstacle in their battle to survive.

The rest of the cast includes Sano Kazuma, Atae Shinjiro (AAA), Taiga, Sakamoto Shogo, Kanno Rio, Fukushi Seiji, Suzuki Sawa, Ogura Hisahiro, Tanaka Tetsushi, and Nishimura Masahiko. Nakajima Ryo (“RISE UP”) is directing.

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