TDK Reveals 1TB Optical Disc – Blu-ray in trouble

Saturday during CEATEC 2010 in Japan, TDK Corp revealed a prototype dual-sided optical disc with a total capacity of 1 TB, trumping the current BDXL specification of 100 GB and 128 GB. One side of TDK’s prototype was shown to contain 16 recording layers of 32 GB each, adding up to 512 GB per side.

According to TDK, this was accomplished by creating a disc material with a high light transmittance. "The material has already been used for part of a Blu-ray disc," the company said during the show. "So, it does not have a problem of, for example, durability."

Read the rest of the story: TDK Reveals 1TB Optical Disc; Blu-ray Frowns.

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