TOKIO, Arashi to host New Year’s special

TOKIO and Arashi will be hosting back-to-back special programs on NTV on New Year’s Day, totaling five and a half hours in length. TOKIO will kick things off with the tentatively-titled "THE Ultraman DASH: Kiseki no 3-punkan wo Mokugekiseyo" (6:00pm-8:54pm), then pass the spotlight to Arashi for their "Arashi ni Shiyagare Ganjitsu 2-jikanhan SP" (9:00pm-11:24pm).

"THE Ultraman DASH" is a separate project from TOKIO’s current show "The! Tetsuwan! Dash!!" (Sundays 7:00pm). In "The Ultraman DASH," TOKIO will meet with experts of activities such as skydiving, tightrope walking, and bungee jumping, who will attempt incredible feats. For example, one will change outfits while skydiving, while another will neatly slice a raw egg in half while bungee jumping.

Arashi’s special will be an extended version of their show "Arashi ni Shiyagare," which has been on the air since April. It is reported that they will bring on two big-name guests, though their identities are currently being kept secret even from Arashi.

Although the two shows are separate, the ten members from both groups will assemble before each show for a short talk session together.

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