Tokyo International Anime Fair off to a great start! 3D is the next big thing.

With all the buzz of 3D sets lately in the news, it’s no surprise that the animation companies at the Tokyo International Anime Fair wouldn’t be showing some of their newest animated series in 3D.

Sunrise, hidden behind a set of full-size Gundams at their massive booth in the main lobby, had a few theaters set up for viewers to strap on some glasses and see a clip from their upcoming 3D anime project, Hipira-kun. Toei had a 3D dance routine on display from the latest Pretty Cure. Gonzo even had clips from Last Exile and Blassreiter, which were converted to 3D, the idea being to show off what they were capable of in terms of producing 3D films.

But, 3D wasn’t and isn’t what the whole event is about. It’s all about what’s new and upcoming and maybe a few anniversaries such as Doraemon celebrating it’s 30th movie release. And then there are the reflection of life stories like Geneon Universal’s new series, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, which follows school council president Misaki Ayuzawa who moonlights at a maid cafĂ©. Then you have the big pushes and the big projects such as NHK’s fall release of Bakuman. Karigurashi no Arrietty, a new feature film, was being promoted at the Studio Ghibli booth. And then don’t forget you need your picture made here so go to Toei’s booth and get your picture taken with Luffy and Goku from One Piece and Dragonball. Oh, and if you need something as a souvenir stop by the otaku toy and statue manufacturer Good Smile and pick out a figure.

Where and When:
Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010 Mar.25-Mar.28, Tokyo Bigsight East Exhibition Halls No. 1,2 ,3.

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  1. 3D is really the next big thing these days. Aside from the typical movies, anime and cartoons are also now riding the 3D bug, and that is really awesome! I’m looking forward to watching videos in 3D on the internet and television soon!

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