Ueto Aya and HIRO Officially Married

On September 14th, actress Ueto Aya is celebrating her 27th birthday, but that almost fades into the background thanks to the announcement she made on the occasion. All the rumors about her and EXILE’s HIRO (43) have finally come to an end as they announced they have registered their marriage on the 14th.

They have yet to work out their plans and the date for their upcoming wedding reception, but there won’t be an official press conference or anything like that later today.

Ueto posted a handwritten note on her website thanking her fans for always supporting her and announcing her marriage. She seems to be very delighted to finally make the announcement, although she would have preferred to tell all her fans in person rather than releasing an open handwritten letter.

She wrote, “I cannot even express how grateful I am towards all of you for supporting me even through all the tough times. From the bottom of my heart, thank you… I’ll continue to work hard in order to live up to all the love I’m receiving and send more love to all of you.” She continued, “Is it ok that I, not just as Ueto Aya but as a woman, can experience happiness? I wouldn’t be happier if all of you could understand this and continue to cheer for me.”

HIRO also thanked his fans and explained that he wasn’t able to tell them sooner due to various reasons. He also seems to be very happy to finally let the cat out of the bag, writing, “I’ve always been running towards my dream with everything I’ve got and just like that I’ve already become 43 years old.”

He explained that turning 40 was a big turning point in his life, and he realized that, although EXILE, LDH, and his work are still important to him, he has to start thinking more about himself as a man. He has always been trying his best by himself and if it wasn’t for the smiling faces of his fans, he wouldn’t have been able to come this far. Of course, he will continue to work hard as a member of EXILE and EXILE TRIBE.

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