‘Yako Kanransha’ theme song to be “Voice” by AI

Singer-songwriter AI’s new song “VOICE” has been chosen as the theme song for actress Suzuki Kyoka’s upcoming drama, ‘Yako Kanransha‘.

This was announced by AI herself during a dinner show in Tokyo on December 14th. She sang just the chorus as the first song of her encore. “It’s a type of drama that I love, so I was surprised to receive this offer. I sing a lot of happy songs, but I will at last sing the theme song for a suspense drama,” she shared. “I made this song with a message that ’real love’ is important.”

Producer Arai Junko commented, “For this occasion, I ordered a song with suspense from AI-san, who has the image of singing happy and cheerful songs. I was looking forward to what kind of chemical reaction would occur, but I had her read the script, and she was able to make a song that was beyond my imagination.”

‘Yako Kanransha’ will air on TBS every Friday at 10:00 pm starting January 18th. “VOICE” will be available for download on January 16th and will be released as a single on February 13th.

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