Yamada Nana to lead NMB48 no After School

The recently launched NMB48 idol group has just landed its first recurring television appearance. Starting next week, the members will have their own corner on Tuesdays on the live morning show “Ohayou Asahi Desu,” which airs on weekdays from 6:45am to 8:00am.

The new corner is called “NMB48 no After School.” The main host will be member Yamada Nana (17), formerly known as Nakayama Nana. She is also known for previously being part of the Hello! Project unit SI☆NA and for being the sister of NYC’s Nakayama Yuma.

Yamada will appear each time with two other members of NMB48, visiting various workplaces to experience them first-hand. For the first corner, on March 15, Yamada’s partners will be Watanabe Miyuki (17) and Kotani Riho (16). Together, they will go to the Takashimaya department store in Namba, dressed up in elevator girl uniforms, in order to study the essence of hospitality.

“Ohayou Asahi Desu” is a local show that has aired on ABC TV (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation) in the Kansai region since 1979.

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