Yoshio Inoue to star in live-action adapation of the manga series Onobori Monogatari

Satoshi Karasuya’s manga series “Onobori Monogatari” is being turned into a live-action film, directed by Yasutaka Mori. Actor Yoshio Inoue (30) will appear in his first starring movie role.

“Onobori Monogatari” is an autobiographical 4-panel comic about a poor young man (Inoue) who moves to Tokyo to pursue his dreams of becoming a mangaka, and he matures through the trials he faces.

Inoue is best known as a musical actor, having played major roles in productions such as “Elisabeth,” “Miss Saigon,” and “Mozart!” This will be just his third appearance in a movie, and his first time in a starring role.

The “Onobori Monogatari” movie opens on July 17.

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