Yuri Matsumoto, wife of Actor Ken Matsudaira, dead by possible suicide

Former actress Yuri Matsumoto was found dead during the early hours of Monday, November 15th, in what appears to be a suicide. According to police, she was found hanged at her home in Tokyo’s Meguro ward, where she lived with her husband, actor Ken Matsudaira (56). Matsumoto was 42 years old.

At around 3:00am on Monday, the babysitter who was staying over at the house discovered Matsumoto’s body, hanged by her neck with the other end tied to the doorknob of her bedroom. Police are still investigating for further details, but they are currently saying that it is most likely a suicide.

Matsudaira’s agency stated he has been away from home since November 2nd, as he is performing in a play in Kyushu until the 30th.

Matsumoto was born as Yuriko Suzuki in 1968 in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward, the daughter of actor Shinji Amano and former Takarazuka top star Suzuko Waka. She got her start in show business in 1984, debuting as an idol singer with the song "Kajou ni Only You." A couple years later, she transitioned into acting, though she also served as a newscaster on "NHK Ohayou Sunday" from 1990 to 1991.

She appeared in the drama series "Abarenbo Shogun" with Matsudaira in 1991, and they worked together again for the stage version in 1998. They began dating in 2004, after Matsudaira’s divorce from Mao Daichi (54). The couple married in 2005, and Matsumoto gave birth to a son one year later.

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