AKB48 announces upcoming singles and new dates for upcoming album

AKB48 has just revealed a new release date for its original album “Koko ni Ita Koto.” Originally scheduled for release on April 6 but delayed due to the Tohoku earthquake, it has now been set for June 8, and part of the revenue from the album’s sales will be donated to the rebuilding efforts in the earthquake-affected areas.

The group also revealed some details about its upcoming singles. Their 21st single, currently untitled, will be released on May 25. Like the album, part of the sales will be donated to charity. The single will come in two versions, “Type-A” and “Type-B.” Each version will have a limited-quantity edition with tickets for a handshake event randomly inserted (there will be two designs for the tickets).

All copies of the single will contain a serial-numbered card used for voting in the group’s next “Senbatsu” election, which will determine the participating members for their 22nd single. The vote-counting day and the single’s release date are not yet known.

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