AKB48’s Atsuko Maeda Graduation Parade Cancelled

Atsuko Maeda, who was supposed to hold a parade to see her fans before performing with AKB48 for the last time, has cancelled it due to security concerns.

With Maeda graduating on August 27th, AKB48 will be holding a special final performance at the AKB48 theater to commemorate her leaving the group. With hundreds of thousands of people applying to a lottery to get one of 250 tickets to the event, it was decided that a parade would be held in her honor for fans to see her one last time as an AKB48 member.

The parade was cancelled by police due to safety and security concerns. A recent parade held for Olympic medalists brought out crowds of 500,000, creating an unexpectedly dangerous situation due to the police’s lack of preparation. With expectations of massive crowds for Maeda’s parade, police decided it would be best to cancel it.

Although the parade was cancelled, the farewell concert will still be broadcast live through AKB48′s Google+ and YouTube pages. It will also be broadcast on Fuji TV.

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