AKB48’s Tomomi Kasai Photobook has Publisher Under Investigation with Child Pornography Case

Since announcing her graduation from AKB48 and releasing her first solo single, Tomomi Kasai was set to release her photobook until many expressed concerns regarding its cover.

“Young Magazine”, a weekly magazine, was ready to publish their next edition on January 12th, but has postponed the release to January 21st due to the photobook’s cover. The photo used for the cover was deemed too innapropriate for their readers, so an alternative photo had to be used instead.

The photo book cover has caused plenty of backlash from netizens who are critical of its scandalous nature. Some say she’s just “desperate for attention” while others expressed that the picture was “such a dumb idea to begin with”. Others find it “disturbing” and “awkward”, especially with an underage child holding her breasts.

This issue has also prompted police to investigate publishing company Kondasha for what could potentially be considered child pornography. Before charges can be levied against the company, it must be determined whether or not the photo is in fact of a child with his hands touching the idol’s breasts.

In Japan, a guilty verdict for violating child pornography laws carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a fine of five million yen.

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