Arashi’s 30th single, “Monster,” set a new record sales chart!

Arashi’s 30th single, “Monster,” set a new record on the sales charts this week. At 543,000 copies sold, it barely surpassed their previous single “Troublemaker” (542,000 copies) to achieve the highest opening-week sales so far this year. It is Arashi’s second consecutive single to break the half-million mark in the first week.

Kana Nishino’s latest single earned her the #2 spot with 39,000 in sales, while Korean group FTIsland ranked 4th. TETSUYA also made the top ten at the #8 spot.

With no major album releases this week, #1 was claimed by the EXIT TUNES album “Vocalogenesis” with virtual idol Hatsune Miku, which sold 23,000 copies. No other new release broke the top ten, except for the latest character album by “Prince of Tennis” character Kuranosuke Shiraishi at #6.

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