Hamasaki Ayumi makes 30 million yen donation to relief efforts in Japan

Singer Hamasaki Ayumi (32) has been very active in response to the massive earthquake last week, constantly spreading news and messages through her official Twitter account to her more than 450,000 followers. On Friday, her record label Avex revealed that she has also donated 35 million yen so far towards the relief efforts in the affected areas.

According to Avex, her most recent donation was a 30 million yen contribution to the Japanese Red Cross on Friday. Before that, she had already given to other organizations, donating 1 million yen on March 12 and 13, and an additional 3 million yen on March 14.

Hamasaki also announced a few days ago that she is collaborating with fashion magazine ViVi for charity T-shirts, which she designed herself. Each shirt is selling for 1,500 yen, and all sales will go towards helping victims in the affected areas.

Hamasaki had seven CD releases simultaneously scheduled for March 30, but Avex has postponed all of its new releases that were planned for late March. Tickets for her Saitama Super Arena concerts on April 9-10 were also scheduled to go on sale this weekend, but those have been postponed for now.

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