iLL, agraph, Furukawa Miki, Tabuchi Hisako, form new super band, LAMA

It was revealed on Monday that a new 4-member band called LAMA has formed. Its members are vocalist Nakamura Koji (also known under his solo project name iLL), bassist Furukawa Miki, guitarist Tabuchi Hisako, and techno artist Ushio Kensuke (better known as agraph).

Both Nakamura and Furukawa were once members of the band Supercar. Tabuchi was one part of Number Girl, but now plays with bloodthirsty butchers and toddle.

So far, not much is known other than the band’s name and members. It is said that they are working towards a possible release around summer. The band’s website shows that they are signed with the Sony label Ki/oon Records, which Nakamura, Furukawa, and Ushio are also affiliated with as solo artists.

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