Do As Infinity to stream anniversary concert on Nico Nico Douga

Pop band Do As Infinity has decided to broadcast their next concert online, it has been learned. They are scheduled to perform on September 29 at Shibuya-AX to celebrate their 11th anniversary. The show is titled "Do As Infinity 11th Anniversary LIVE ~More! Core! Rare! Here!~" and will be streamed live for free through the Nico Nico Douga video sharing website.

For the concert, Do As Infinity plans to perform some songs that they usually do not play live, and they have some other special ideas in mind. After tickets for the show sold out on the first day of sale, the band decided on the Niconico Douga live broadcast so that all of their fans can celebrate Do As Infinity’s 11th anniversary together.

Also on September 29, Do As Infinity is releasing their new single "JIDAISHIN," available only through the mu-mo shop. They are also giving away the "JIDAISHIN" chaku-uta as a gift to fans who have signed up for their free email newsletter.

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