Tegomass Releasing New Single “Sayonara ni Sayonara”

Japanese duo Tegomass announced that they will be releasing a new single, "Sayonara ni Sayonara", on March 6th.

The new single will come in a regular edition and a limited edition. The limited edition version will come with a bonus DVD and an 8-page booklet. The regular edition will come with 2 extra tracks not included in the limited edition, as well as its own 6-page booklet.

The new single’s title track was produced by Kiyoshi Matsuo and will be a mid-tempo, happy ballad.

Tegomass is a duo under Johnny’s Enertainment consisting of NEWS members Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa. The new single will be their 6th single and first release in 2 years – "Aoi Bench", their last single, was released on February 16th, 2011.

Check out the track list to the new single below:

Regular Edition CD

1. Sayonara ni Sayonara

2. Hitori Jyanai

3. Komorebi Memories

4. Sayonara ni Sayonara (Original karaoke with just Tegoshi Yuya’s voice)

5. Sayonara ni Sayonara (Original karaoke with just Masuda Takahisa’s voice)

Limited Edition CD

1. Sayonara ni Sayonara

2. Sayonara ni Sayonara (Original karaoke)


1. Sayonara ni Sayonara MV

2. Sayonara ni Sayonara Making Of

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