Guitar Wolf Comes Out of Hiding

Guitar Wolf has come out of hiding after 2 and half years. They are back on the scene with a new new album titled “yashuu vibrator.” Does it go to 11? Let’s hope so, it’s the band’s 11th album and they’ve cranked out 11 songs. Look for it March 6th and crank it up!

Track list:

01. yashuu vibrator
02. Mesapotamia ronri
03. Gasoline komoriuta
04. Yuurei yuu
05. Robot maria
06. Batting center
07. The fire CITY
08. Magma Nobunaga
09. Gero night
10. Chikyuu VS alien
11. Onna machinegun

The Regular Edition is CD-only, the Limited Edition comes with a DVD.

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