Sadie Launching New Single “Soukoku no Tsuya”

Visual Kei band Sadie will launch their new single “Soukoku no Tsuya” in March!

It will land March 27th and includes the following three songs:

01. madara

02. Setsugekka

03. Face to face

It’s planned that “Soukoku no Tsuya” will include a DVD featuring their new song “tsumetai honoo” that was played at their live on February 2nd.

To commemorate the new release the band will go on tour. The tour titled “oukaranbu” will start at Akasaka BLITZ on April 6th and will end at Shinjuku BLAZE on July 14th. It’s a two-day tour. That means they will play two lives at each venue with the following concept: “Day 1 naraku no tsuya – painful, sorrowful roaring for endless hopeless” and “Day 2 souten no tsuya – hopeful voice for hands asking for salvation”.

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