Kami Anison – Godly Awesome Animation Songs – Part 2 – Sakura Wars

I still remember when this song caught my ears as it left me with a strong impression during a TV commercial.

Sakura War was first released as a video game for Sega Saturn. Then, it became an animation for TV and musical because of its charming characters and well thought-out stories.

The character’s costumes and names are like Japanese ones from around the end of the samurai period, but they live in a very technologically advanced nation with advanced weaponry. The main characters are such pure ladies, though they have strong wills and fight. I guess these mismatches of traditional looks with dramatic action are what make this animation so intriguing.

Sakura War Opening
Hikisaita Yami ga Hoe Furueru Teito ni (At Teito where the torn darkness roars and shakes )

Ai no Uta Takaraka ni Odorideru Senshitachi (The soldiers burst out singing a love song from the rooftops)

Kokoro made Koutetsu ni Busousuru Otome (The ladies arm even their hearts with steel)

Aku wo Kechirashite Seigi wo Shimesunoda (Blow up evil and show justice)

Hashire Kousoku no Teikoku Kagekidan (Run at light speed Teikoku Kagekidan)

Unare Shougeki no Teikoku Kagekidan (Howl electrifyingly Teikoku Kagekidan)

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