Kumi Koda to celebrate 10th anniversary with Best Live DVD BOX

This year is the 10th anniversary of the debut of pop star Kumi Koda (27). As a special project to celebrate the milestone, she is releasing her first “best live DVD” on July 17. She debuted in 2000 with the single “Take Back” and gained fame for her seventh single, “Real Emotion / 1000 no Kotoba”, the songs of which were used as themes for the video game Final Fantasy X-2. Her popularity grew with the release of her fourth studio album Secret (2005), her sixteenth single “Butterfly” (2005), and her first greatest hits album Best: First Things (2005), reaching the number-three, number-two and number-one spot respectively.

“KODA KUMI 10th Anniversary BEST LIVE DVD BOX” will include 30 minutes of concert footage of 15 songs, personally selected by Koda. The clips are taken from the six tours she performed between 2005 and this year. The DVD also contains other footage from her concerts, plus a 40-minute documentary of her 10-year career. The set is planned to retail for 1,260 yen.

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