NMB48 unveiled

The Osaka-based idol group NMB48 finally made their public debut on Saturday, participating in an AKB48 event in Tokyo. 26 members attended, labeled as the first generation of kenkyuusei research students. The group just completed its audition last month, so the members are still taking lessons and have not yet been assigned to teams.When the results of the audition were announced, there were 39 names. There are 13 girls who are no longer listed on the group’s website, which has just officially launched:

  • Mayu Kusaka
  • Sara Kondo
  • Mari Saito
  • Ayaka Suzuki
  • Rina Tanaka
  • Mami Tsukiyama
  • Sari Nishikawa
  • Rina Hyoda
  • Miyuki Furukawa
  • Erika Maruyama
  • Ayaka Murakami
  • Rei Mori
  • Minami Yasaka

The remaining 26 girls range in age from 12 years old to 18 years old, with an average of 14.7. They are planning to make their performance theater debut next year, though their main venue has not yet been announced.


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