Offical S/mileage site launched and Maeda Yuuka and Ogawa Saki of S/mileage have started blogs on Ameblo.

Not only does s/mileage(スマイレージ) have an Official site, but twitter accounts and personal blogs of each member as well have all been started. The Hello!Project band is trying to be more involved with their fans by giving their fans more of what they want – themselves. The site has videos, twitter feeds, bios and you name it. Now all of the members from S/mileage have some sort of public blog either on Gree or on Ameblo which will allow fans to keep up with their daily lives.

They have new singles being released as well so stay tuned.

Official S/mileage Site

Official Maeda Yuuka Ameblo Blog

Official Maeda Yuuka Twitter

Official Fukuda Kanon Twitter

Official Ogawa Saki Ameblo Blog

Official Ogawa Saki Twitter

Official S/mileage Staff Twitter

Official S/mileage Twitter

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