Pink Lady to go nationwide reunion tour

The reunited ’70s idol duo Pink Lady have announced that they will do a 23-concert tour across Japan, starting in Chiba on May 21 and ending in Nagano on September 4. This is their first national tour since officially resuming activities last year.

The two singers, known as Mie and Kei, debuted in 1976 and released several hit songs, such as “Pepper Keibu,” “Nagisa no Sindbad,” and “UFO,” before disbanding in 1981. Ten of their singles sold over a million copies, and their total single sales amounted to approximately 18 million. The two have had a few temporary reunions since then, but they declared last September that they are back together again for good. In December, they released a “new vocal best album” titled “INNOVATION.”

Tickets for Pink Lady’s tour will begin sales on April 10.

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