Vision Factory Creates New Idol Group

Management agency Vision Factory has announced that it is launching a new female idol group this summer. The group consists of 7 junior high school students, carefully selected from dance schools around the country. According to Vision Factory, they will be focused on being a true dance and vocal unit, rather than a typical idol group.

The members are Ito Momoka (13), Fujita Miria (12), Nomoto Sora (13), Hayashida Mahiro (13), Shimomura Miki (12), Kiyomura Kawane (12), and Inoue Rikako (14).

The group does not yet have a name, but it was announced today on the morning show “Sukkiri!” that they are publicly accepting suggestions for names.

All seven members also appear in the opening pages of the free magazine Harajuku Girls Vol. 4, which is being released today. They can also be seen on the magazine’s website.

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