Japanese Man Weds a Virtual Girl from his Favorite Video Game

All I can say is that it was a nice ceremony and I hope he never runs out of batteries.

For some people, the dream to marry a loved one regardless of age, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, species, or even reality will just never come to pass. For a man in Japan known as Sal9000, however, the dream of marrying his fictional beau has just come to fruition.

On November 22nd, Sal9000 officially tied the knot with Nene Anegasaki, a fictional video game character from the Nintendo DS dating simulator Love Plus.

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  1. Could the game character have said no ;how can it be legal if it is only in the brides program to say yes he has not bean married he has bout a bride I thought we outlawed slavery whot is it ok if the slave is an A.I., and hay if he devorces her can she still git half his net worth.

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