SCE President on the new PlayStation Suite Service

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc SCE announced the "Next Generation Portable NGP," a successor to the PlayStation Portable PSP portable game console, and the "PlayStation Suite PSS," a service for providing games to Android-based devices, Jan 27, 2011See related article 1, 2.On the day after this announcement, there was a roundtable Q&A session with SCE President and Group CEO Kazuo Hirai. And this article is focused on the topics related to the PSS.Q: Can you tell us the platform dependency of the PSS?Hirai: There are not only Android-based mobile devices but also Windows- and iOS-based mobile devices. If we try to support all of them from the beginning, we will run out of resources.So, we will put priority on sales volume and focus on Android. When we put weight on sales volume, among Android-based devices, smartphones are the best and tablet PCs come second.If the use of the "Sony Internet TV Powered by Google TV Google TV" spreads and its sales volume increases, we might provide the PSS to its users, too. Also, we might provide the PSS as a killer application to spread the use of the Google TV.Again, we are not going to ignore other platforms than Android. But we will put importance on sales volume and start with Android.

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