Seiko Matsuda to appear on “Bones”

Singer and actress Seiko Matsuda (47) is the next Japanese celebrity to appear in an American television drama. It has been learned that she will play a Japanese journalist in an upcoming episode of the crime drama “Bones.”

Currently in its fifth season, “Bones” stars Emily Deschanel as a forensic anthropologist and David Boreanaz as an FBI special agent. The show also become a hit in Japan, and has been shown on broadcast television there since 2008.

Matsuda, who will be the first Japanese person on the show, was offered the role by the show’s producers. She was reportedly chosen for her English ability (all of her lines are in English), her acting skills, and her name recognition. During the taping, the staff were impressed by her professional spirit. Although the role is limited to a single episode, Matsuda remarked that she would like to play the part again.

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