Space Beer – Sapporo Hops Minus the Gravity

Japan, always has it’s sights in the future, and has also with every leap been able to hold on to a little of its past. In this tradition, Sapporo has created yet another scientific innovation that’s guaranteed to change what we crave from a beer with SPACE BEER! This new product, developed by Sapporo Breweries Limited, was brewed with hops cultivated in microgravity on the International Space Station. Tasters say the beer is delicious, and scientists say it demonstrates the viability of crop cultivation outside the Earth’s biosphere. Space beer is paving the way for humanity’s journey to the stars!

Unfortunately, only 1500 bottles of space beer are being made, meaning a taste of the final frontier will cost you a cool ¥10,000 ($110) per six-pack. If you feel like buying some, Sapporo is taking orders online. Two hundred and fifty successful customers will be selected from among the applicants by lottery.

Everything is better IN SPACE!


Source: Japan Times

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