Yui Ichikawa takes lead in new drama series “Katsura Chizuru Shinsatsu Nichiroku”

Now in her tenth year since her show business debut, actress Yui Ichikawa (24) will finally take on her first lead role in a drama series. She has been cast as a doctor in the jidaigeki drama “Katsura Chizuru Shinsatsu Nichiroku,” being broadcast by NHK this summer.

Set in Edo in 1820, the story is adapted from a novel series by Hisako Fujiwara. Ichikawa plays Chizuru, the daughter of a doctor who practices Dutch medicine (Kenichi Endo). When her father suddenly dies, she continues his work, treating the poor people of her village. Ichikawa is also said to have trained in sword fighting for half a year in order to play the role.

The drama is set to run for 14 episodes. NHK has placed it in the Saturday 7:30pm time slot, starting on August 28.

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