Final Fantasy Type-0 Wows in Japan

Final Fantasy Type-0 is coming out soon in Japan, although sadly its fate in North America is unknown. Japanese reviews have been quite positive, with the game receiving near-perfect scores from Famitsu and Dengeki. The game comes on two UMDs. The first disc contains the beginning and end of the game, while the second disc contains the middle, meaning that gamers will be swapping UMDs a few times.

A few more features of the game have been revealed and discussed in the Japanese media. A chocobo breeding ranch at the game’s school will allow players to catch two chocobos and breed them together. The resulting chocobo chick can be used to traverse the world map, presumably once it grows up.

Players will have access to two airships during the game. At first, the school’s airship will be available for travel between preset points. Later on, the party will obtain its own airship that can be used for free travel. Freedom comes with a price, however, as monsters will attack this airship.

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