‘Gran Turismo 5’ – Tokyo readying for games show

Gentlemen (and ladies, too), start your engines. Racing simulator "Gran Turismo 5," has been given a release date. It will be roaring into Japanese retailers come Nov. 3 — a day behind its North American release date of Nov. 2.

The game was first shown in 2006 and apparently has cost $60 million to develop. And perhaps, just perhaps, it has more PlayStation 3 owners waiting for it with bated breath than did the console’s already-released exclusives "Metal Gear Solid IV" and "Final Fantasy XIII."

Games in the "Gran Turismo" series, noted for their devotion to digitally re-creating real-world automobiles, don’t just look fantastic: Developer Polyphony Digital lovingly emulates each car’s physics too. If you would like to know what it feels like to drive, say, an Alfa Romeo 8C, then "Gran Turismo 5" is the game for you.

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