Kirby’s Epic Yarn Kawaii

Media Create’s Japanese sales charts showed that Nintendo mascot cuteness could not be overcome by Rockstar’s trademark tough and gritty open-world approach, as Pokemon Black and White retained the top spot on the charts despite a challenge from Red Dead Redemption. The week of October 11-17 showed that fighting Nintendo mascot cuteness with Nintendo mascot cuteness was no more effective, as Pokemon Black and White bested Kirby’s Epic Yarn to top the Media Create chart for the fifth consecutive week.

Kirby was kawaii, but not kawaii enough.

Black and White combined to sell 168,541 copies for the week, with Kirby’s Epic Yarn solidly claiming second place with 92,280 sold. Things got decidedly less cute on the charts after that, as Square Enix’s PSP fantasy action game Lord of Arcana managed to make third place with 69,932 sold in its debut week. Like Monster Hunter, God Eater, and other Japanese chart toppers, the multiplayer-focused online-compatible title sees gamers gather in groups of up to four to track down a variety of fearsome creatures.

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