Nintendo’s DS2 rumbling rumors

The latest addition to the rumor mill comes from an update that’s been made to a force feedback system patent Nintendo filed in 2005, pertaining to a dynamic rumble effect in a handheld console.

Pocket Gamer explains, “The DS saw a terribly executed rumble pack add-on that no one used, but this patent seems a lot more specific than that. It refers to more of a haptic feedback technology that could apply varying levels of physical sensation to either on-screen actions, or the use of peripherals”.

The patent (loosely) describes the use of a small vibration in response to a stylus touch, or a minor rumble effect when a small amount of damage is applied to a character in contrast to a bigger vibration when a large amount of damage is dealt.

In itself this isn’t massively exciting, but it does point toward Nintendo refreshing its tech for a possible GDC or E3 announcement.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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