Sega Introduces Breasts in New Stages of the Next Monkey Ball Game

Sega’s Super Monkey Ball series is about cute cartoon moneys rolling around in hamster balls collecting bananas. It’s about as kid-friendly as a series can get, so of course Sega, master of understanding what makes its own franchises work, has added “adult” levels to the upcoming PS Vita version of Monkey Ball.

Yup, in these levels the normal floor textures have been replaced by pictures of Japanese bikini model Yukie Kawamura, whose protruding breasts act as obstacles for your adorable hamster ball monkeys. So yeah, basically some burnt out developer at Sega, depressed at being forced to work on yet another Monkey Ball game, just decided to dump the contents of his softcore porn file into the game instead of designing textures. Given the state Sega’s in, this might not be the last time this will happen, and frankly I’m looking forward to ramping Sonic off some Japanese ass in the future.Anyways, hit the jump to check out some videos showcasing Yukie Kawamura and the new Monkey Ball’s “adult” stages after the jump…

Read the rest of the story: What the Balls? Next Monkey Ball Game to Feature “Adult” Breast-Filled Stages.

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